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The preparation of an up-to-date  and current Will setting out your wishes in the event of your death is perhaps one of the most important documents an individual can prepare. 


Important decisions such as the persons looking after our financial affairs (Executor), arrangements to be made for young children or adults (testamentary trusts and guardianship) and gaining valuable insight into Estate Planning and tax efficient options are essential to creating valid and practical Estate arrangements. 


A required expertise is essential when dealing with corporate assets, family run businesses, beneficiaries with special requirements necessitating the possibility of a Henson Trust to be established.    


The same holds true  for the creation of the Powers of Attorney for Property and Personal Care, documents that appoint and dictate the parameters of our financial and health care in the event of incapacity or ill  health. I have also created a Living Will that is read in tandem with the Power of Attorney for Personal Care that sets out end of life directives that most of us would want to see followed.


Estate Administration is also a very large area of my practice dealing with the many issues and governmental hurdles that arise in the wrapping up of a loved one’s Estate. My experienced staff and I pride ourselves on a level of sensitivity and attention at all levels of complexity.


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